Owner’s Mission



CrossFit Union Owner’s Vision

Scott McAuliffe is a successful entrepreneur with sales, engineering and even law to top his fitness business experience. As a state-ranked WPI sprinter, avid runner, and father of two teenagers, CrossFit was the only thing that pushed him to his ultimate fitness goals. After taking several high-tech startup companies from the Venture Capital stage to Initial Public Offering and beyond, Scott knew that CrossFit ownership was attainable. The past few years Scott sampled many other CrossFit gyms, spent many hours meeting with various trainers and owners, and became certified as a CrossFit trainer all to be sure he was fully ready to pursue this dream. He took all the strengths, weaknesses, advice, and testimonies of members to devise a plan for the most successful CrossFit gym he could. CrossFit Union is the sum total perfect CrossFit!

Scott has devised a unique high-end plan for his gym and fitness community.  Several of the key aspects of his plan have been proven by other gyms and trainers across the nation. By combining all he has experienced and learned as a businessman and CrossFit member he knows that CrossFit Union is going to be a thriving, successful team of excited, driven CrossFit enthusiasts.

Come see what we are all about for yourself! Once you experience being a part of our CrossFit team, you won’t be able to see fitness the same ever again. We couldn’t be more passionate about what we do to better ourselves and our community.